All d.Constructed out.

d.Construct 2006 is over and it seems a great deal of fun was had by all.

Lots of people have commented on the day as a whole, so I’ll save repeating what they have said. To read them check out Technorati or Aral Balkan has made a list.

Overall, I had an fantastic time down in Brighton, the presentations were both fun and informative and I had a great time at the after party, meeting some awesome people who I really hope to meet again.

An extra bonus of the day was I won a prize for the Morse Code message I left for the podcast. I won several books, provided by Apress, all of which will be very useful.

On a side note: The Mac to PC ratio was about 9:1, which was much higher than expected. I’ve always been an Apple fan, and worked for Ambrosia Software for a number of years before moving to the web industry, so it was great to see the glowing Apples everywhere I looked. 🙂


d.Construct – A geek golf tournament!

So, the 2006 d.Construct conference is very almost here.

I’ve seen various other posts about the conference. But they seem to be missing the most important aspect of the conference…

The geek golf tournament!

Yes, this is incredibly exciting – there is a geek golf tournament at the conference after party (sponsored by Snipperoo).

My schedule for tomorrow actually looks like this:

9am: Practice Mini Golf.
4pm: Drive to Brighton.

To prove I’m not kidding, tomorrow I’ll be uploading some photos of my practice.

Update: Here are a couple of photos of my golf practice!

Tom lines up the all important putt.

Tom just looking 'cool'

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Top 10 links to get started with SEO

If you want to get into search engine optimisation/marketing (SEO / SEM) then you need to quickly accept this fact: You are going to read. A lot.

You maybe are not in charge of 10 sites, do not have a long list of clients whose websites you work on, but are simply trying a DIY approach to getting your site better ranked in the search engines. However, when you search for “How do I rank better in Google?”, you are likely overwhelmed by the amount of information; SEO companies, blog posts, articles, forums, news articles and more.

So I’ve compiled this list of articles in the hope that at least some of budding students of search will find it. This is by no means all you need; SEO is ever evolving and you need to keep up to date (there are plenty of good blogs to help with that, which is another list for another time), but this list of 10 resources that will get you off the ground.

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d.Construct Conference

So, I have my ticket for the d.Construct Conference.

This will be my first conference since entering the web industry (I enjoyed conferences in London, Paris, New York, LA and San Francisco whie working in the Mac software industry), and I am looking forward to meeting some of the best in the business.

The schedule looks like it will be both fun and very informative. If you aren’t going then I suggest you take in the podcast so you realise you are missing you and make sure to book a ticket next year.

Richard Rutter has some more details, if you’re interested.