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22 Dec 2011

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Most SEOs have a veritable plethora of tools but I still get asked often about simple ways to check the main social metrics for a page.

I’ve broken the need for quick checks of these data down into 3 categories and continuing my recent trend of throwing together tools for the SEO community to use I’ve put together 3 tools to help out in these instances.


11 Dec 2011

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Whilst creating my International SEO Backlink Analysis Tool, I wanted a way for people to use their SEOmoz API key in the same secure fashion as they would for their homebrew tools. That meant that their Secret Key shouldn’t be transmitted over the wire, but instead only a signed hash. Here is a Javascript library I crafted for this purpose.


21 Nov 2011

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SERP Turkey logoThis post details how to setup and use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk with the SERP Turkey tool. If you’re not familiar with SERP Turkey, or want instructions on that tool then you should first read the SERP Turkey introduction.


20 Nov 2011

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SERP Turkey logo Measuring CTR data in search engine results is notoriously difficult. What I wanted was a simple way to measure the change in CTR for a given search query’s results when I adjusted entries, but nothing existed…. so I built the SERP Turkey tool.


01 Oct 2011

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Client link profileWhat I’m sharing here is a tool I’ve built that automates the process of evaluating a domains link profile. I’m going to show you the real data I saw for that client (who we knew had bought links) and how you can use the same tool to identify domains that have maybe bought links or other anomalous link profiles.


20 Jul 2011

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Super HTML5man HTML5 is not a tool but as a toolset; a collection of new features, of which many are ready to use now. Here I outline some common SEO problems and how you can use aspects of HTML5 right now to help with them.