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Morse decoded!

If you’ve been listening to the d.Construct podcast prior to the Brighton based web conference, you’ll know that Jeremy Keith got a strange Odeo message he pondered might be morse code.

Well, that one wasn’t, but Jeremy appealed for more Odeo messages, so I thought it would be fun to send him a real one.

You can hear it here. I completely cheated and used this program to create the sound file.

Jeremy was stumped, and appealed for assistance. Stuart Langridge was one of those to decode the morse, which he did in a very neat way with a custom Python script, after converting the sound file. Very cool!

The message wasn’t terribly exciting, it was more about the challenge of decoding it. But for those interested:

Hi. Tom Anthony here. On the podcast you sounded like you really wanted a Morse message, or any message for that matter. Well, here you go. BTW I am so winning the golf.

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  1. Great to meet you Tom, you picked a good time to pack in for the night… it all got kind of wet and messy after you went. I hope you made it back to Bedford with out any burglary incidents.

  2. Snipperoo are yet to announce the winner, but I’ve got a horrible feeling I won’t have won. I scored 42, and I know of someone who reported their score as 41.

    I’m going to be seeing a therapist this week about it.


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