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d.Construct – A geek golf tournament!

So, the 2006 d.Construct conference is very almost here.

I’ve seen various other posts about the conference. But they seem to be missing the most important aspect of the conference…

The geek golf tournament!

Yes, this is incredibly exciting – there is a geek golf tournament at the conference after party (sponsored by Snipperoo).

My schedule for tomorrow actually looks like this:

9am: Practice Mini Golf.
4pm: Drive to Brighton.

To prove I’m not kidding, tomorrow I’ll be uploading some photos of my practice.

Update: Here are a couple of photos of my golf practice!

Tom lines up the all important putt.

Tom just looking 'cool'

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  1. PMSL… Bloody hell Tom, think I’ll be watching the Golf tournament if your taking it that seriously!!… :-S

    Do you know what time it all kicks off afterwards…??

  2. hehehehehe…. I hope your gonna wear those shades dude!! Think I’ll have to give you a nudge while you ponder on your next shot to put you off… hehehehehe…


  • Snipperoo September 7, 2006

    Jay’s d.Construct party follow-up…

    A few notes on organising parties for geeks; No matter what advice you’re given or what’s been recommended to you, the only way to spend a couple of thousand quid is BEER, BEER, BEER. Next time we’ll forget the canapes…