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05 Jun 2011

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Pile of +1 ButtonsWe know the search engines are using social shares and likes to impact the rankings. Both Facebook and Twitter have APIs for pulling in Likes and Tweets, but currently we are left without a public API for doing this with Google’s +1 button. However, I dug about a bit behind the scenes and found their ‘hidden’ API.


15 May 2011

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SERP reportWant to evaluate the competition to find out what sites are dominating the SERPs for these keywords? However… being an SEO you’re a busy guy (or gal), and you need it done right now. I’ve built a Google Docs tool to automagically do exactly that and this post will walk you through it.


08 May 2011

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Google Docs SEO ToolSEOmoz Linkscape API is an extremely powerful tool for SEOs, but SEOs often do not come from a development background, and might find the API inaccessible to them. Here I post details and example code which you can use to form the basis of your own API-based tools operating within Google Docs.


31 Mar 2011

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Google +1 logoThe internet and particularly the SEO community is abuzz from Google revealing there new +1 button yesterday. If you are unsure what this is all about then you could start by reading this introduction to +1 by Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land.


21 Mar 2011

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You can't outsource giving a shit. -Tom CritchlowThere are a tonne of write ups (and some great photos) about the Distilled Link Building event that took place on Friday, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: it rocked. There was a great mixture of both high level and low level tips.


21 Mar 2007

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After my post Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Maps API I’ve had a few people contact me about caching geocoding results back to a server, for subsequent pages. It’s a good question – Google’s geocoder permits you to make 50,000 queries a day, which sounds like a lot. However, that is only 35 a minute, […]