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15 May 2011

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SERP reportWant to evaluate the competition to find out what sites are dominating the SERPs for these keywords? However… being an SEO you’re a busy guy (or gal), and you need it done right now. I’ve built a Google Docs tool to automagically do exactly that and this post will walk you through it.


08 May 2011

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Google Docs SEO ToolSEOmoz Linkscape API is an extremely powerful tool for SEOs, but SEOs often do not come from a development background, and might find the API inaccessible to them. Here I post details and example code which you can use to form the basis of your own API-based tools operating within Google Docs.


31 Mar 2011

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Google +1 logoThe internet and particularly the SEO community is abuzz from Google revealing there new +1 button yesterday. If you are unsure what this is all about then you could start by reading this introduction to +1 by Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land.


21 Mar 2011

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You can't outsource giving a shit. -Tom CritchlowThere are a tonne of write ups (and some great photos) about the Distilled Link Building event that took place on Friday, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: it rocked. There was a great mixture of both high level and low level tips.


21 Mar 2007

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After my post Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Maps API I’ve had a few people contact me about caching geocoding results back to a server, for subsequent pages. It’s a good question – Google’s geocoder permits you to make 50,000 queries a day, which sounds like a lot. However, that is only 35 a minute, […]


04 Mar 2007

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Notice: As a few people have pointed out, this announcement from Google means Geocoding is now built in. Yet as more people have pointed out – it kinda sucks accuracy wise (think over a mile off on some postcodes!), whereas my method continues to be accurate. Google Maps API provides a geocoding feature, for finding […]